This is Ducky Sherwood's page for glyph-related things. (Glyph is the umbrella term for a character in a writing system, what in alphabets are called "letters" and in Chinese are usually called "characters".)

At some point, I might decide to make and sell glyph-related merchandise. If you would like to buy something, send email to me and let me know; if I get a critical mass, then I'll go ahead and place orders with manufacturers.

Specify which design: Rugzetta or Periodic Table of the Glyphs (not done yet as of 1 Jan 2011)

I plan to put the designs onto Cafe Press or Zazzle, but haven't yet. If you are hurtin' for a poster, t-shirt, or coffee cup, give a yell and I will hurry up and get the design somewhere where you can get a copy.

Here are some artworks that I have finished with glyph themes:

I also started a blog, Glyph of the Day where I aim to tell the stories of many different writing systems.