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I dithered a little bit about whether I should put external links into these posts.  I do want these posts to be short, something that you can feel confident that you will finish before you finish your morning coffee.  Furthermore, the links would sound repetitive: Wikipedia, Omniglot, Ancient Scripts.  Wikipedia, Omniglot, Ancient Scripts.   Wikipedia, Omniglot, Ancient Scripts.  Those three sites are by far the best resources available.

However, with some prodding from my favorite husband, I decided to go ahead and include links.  Sorry if it makes you late for work.

Wikipedia tends to be detailed and most comprehensive, but the quality is uneven and sometimes a bit dry.  Omniglot is extremely comprehensive, and almost always has links not just to further information, but where to get fonts (something that was important for me).  Ancient doesn’t have good links to elsewhere and there are a lot of scripts it doesn’t cover at all, but the articles it does have are pretty uniformly well-written and engaging.  Ancient Scripts is particularly good for the Central American scripts — Mayan, Aztec, Mixtec, etc.

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