Administration: pub time, comments

Two administrative things:

#1: I have changed the time I schedule posts to automatically publish from 00:01 to 20:30.  I discovered that I was trying to wait up until the pub time in order to announce the publication on Facebook, and I really need to go to bed before 00:01.

#2: I changed it so that you have to register to comment.  I was getting on the order of 20-30 link spams per day, comments that said something like “Thanks for that awesome posting.  It saved MUCH time!” with a link to sites peddling cheap drugs, nurse certification, botox, or metal detectors.  Sorry, but I got tired of it.

About ducky

I'm a computer programmer professionally, currently working on mapping applications. I have been interested non-professionally for a long time in the effect on society on advances in communications technology -- things like writing, vowels, spaces between words, paper, etc.
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