Update: sickness, next scripts, ratings

I have not decided to cease work on Glyph of the Day, I’ve just been down with a really nasty cold.  Posting should resume soon, probably tomorrow or the next day.

I am going to launch into the Brahmi-derived languages next.  I am a little nervous about the Indic scripts because there might not be enough differences between the scripts to make more than the first one or two interesting.

I’m considering adding categories to show how interesting I think each of the posts are, with five being “Everybody should read this!” (e.g. Cherokee) and one being “Here for completeness, not very interesting” (e.g. Old Elamite).

If I do that, expect the average of my ratings to be way above 2.5 — I try to make things interesting!

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I'm a computer programmer professionally, currently working on mapping applications. I have been interested non-professionally for a long time in the effect on society on advances in communications technology -- things like writing, vowels, spaces between words, paper, etc.
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