Tani Lipi — 2001 AD, India

A gentleman named Tony Koyu designed the Tani Lipi script in 2001 for the Tani group of languages in the far northeast of India.  It is explicitly designed to unify the many Tani tribes.  There is pretty fierce debate over whether this writing system is a good thing or a bad thing.

There is very little information available about Tani Lipi.  I can’t even figure out if it is a syllabic alphabet or an abugida, alas.

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3 Responses to Tani Lipi — 2001 AD, India

  1. tonykoyu says:

    dear sir,
    the above shown letter has been derived from the figure of a fish. it was blessed in my dream. in tani language we call NGOI for fish. and the alphabet shown above is NG or ngo phoneme. it is very scientific indeed.

  2. ducky says:

    Aha! Somebody who knows something!

    Can you tell me, please, more about the writing system? Is it an abugida (like Devanagari, where to change the vowel you put a mark on the symbol)? Or is it a syllabary like Japanese katakana (where “ka” and “ke” and “ko” have completely different symbols)?

  3. tony koyu says:

    dear sir,

    Tanilipi is one of the most scientific scripts of the world at the moment. to know tanilipi, i have devised a “Quick Memory Formula” called four sentences in Tani Language. Those are ‘ABO OPO KODO’/ ROLO GOTO ESO/ NGONYO MONA UI/ HOI EVO JOCHOYONG”. we get six alphabets from the fisrt row of sentence, such as from ABO, we get Aa & Bo. from OPO we get O & Po, from KODO we get Ko & Do. like that we get 26 alphabets from all above four sentences formula. so there is no need to crame alphabets, as we did with english and hindi. if you know four sentence formula you can save entire 26 alphabets in your brain within fraction of one minute. Tanilipi writing system is not that of abugida or syllabary. it has 18 consonants and 8 vowels. the vowels are very rich as we can create as many as 65 vowel tones and alphabets out of existing 8 vowels by clubbing the vowels together. each vowel is short phoneme or short vowel but clubbing two same vowels would result as a long phoneme or long vowels etc. Tanilipi has more advantageous features as it can be written within two imagianry lines whereas all existing scripts are normally written within four imaginary lines. so it is space economy too. besides, lifting of pen while writing a note is very less. so, we can finish a note in Tanilipi faster than any other scripts, as cursive movement is very easy. besides, phoentically, it is very accurate to write any language. Since it has only one set of alphabets, typing is also very fast as we need not push the Shift Key and Capslock key. mainly because it has no separate capital nor small letters. it is a first of its kind. MOst alphabets were blessed in dreams. however, fortunately, it is a kin to our BRAHMILIPI only. it is the miracle of the God who has chosen me to devise this writing system. thank you for promoting me. hoping more.

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