I have wrestled a little bit with how to handle technical terms like abugida and virama.  The first time I use them, it’s a no-brainer: I explain them.  But what should I do the second time?  I didn’t want to bore people by explaining the same thing over and over again, but I also didn’t want to confuse people who joined in the middle.  (Don’t do that, start at the beginning.)

I decided that Wikipedia had great definitions of these terms, so I should just let people go there if they were confused.

However, fully 8% of my regular readership — Jeff Powell — asked for a glossary, and that overwhelming groundswell of support convinced me to write a glossary.  If you need to find it again, it is the second link in the sidebar, right under Start at the beginning.

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I'm a computer programmer professionally, currently working on mapping applications. I have been interested non-professionally for a long time in the effect on society on advances in communications technology -- things like writing, vowels, spaces between words, paper, etc.
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